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Why Suneti?

Suneti has developed 4 solutions that combine all data from all sectors within the inland shipping trade.

Broker Solution

Any inland water trans company using the Broker Solution gains an excellent overview of all their vessels and running contracts, optimizing their business procedures and keeping them well-informed about their fleet and clients.

Quality Solution

The Quality solution gives you a quick and simple overview of your obligatory quality requirements. Certificates, crew data and EBIS data are on screen immediately. The Quality Solution is the tool to meet the TMSA requirements. After all, more quality means more security.

Fleet Solution

The Fleet Solution offers a status overview of all vessels within your fleet. You are now able to plan the testing of materials and equipment more efficiently enabling maintenance to take place on time. The Fleet Solution supports the ship owner by  automatically taking care of this task for him.

Vessel Solution

Data need be entered only once and an internet connection is not mandatory. With the Vessel Solution the ship owner can manage contracts, time sheets, training, vocational education and more. Furthermore, the Vessel Solution reduces paperwork, enabling the captain to focus on his core activity: navigating the ship.


We offer top notch software the inland shipping business.
We offer the following functionality:

  • Contract registration
  • Workflow management
  • Contract management
  • Manage tendering procedures
  • Exchange data
  • Enter data once
  • Traffic light overview
  • Compare data
  • Fleet overview
  • Planning maintenance
  • Create templates
  • Manage components


Suneti’s Solutions offer you a complete solution that works anytime and anyplace. An internet connection is not necessary.

Improves the quality and safety on the ship;

Data needs be entered once only, thus reducing paperwork.

Allows constant real-time updates using a minimum amount of data exchange;

Beheer van onderdelen en reserveonderdelen.

Planning of contracts and vessels, contract registration, and workflow management

An overview of your fleet.

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