About us

As a Loading Master with Shell, John Tillema noticed that while on board of a ship measurements could not be finely adjusted. This was problematic when working with people in the harbour, who had to work with very small percentages. Against that background, Suneti was founded and Binnenmaat was developed, a software package designed for captains. Since then, this software has been installed on over 800 ships and our method is in use in almost all similar products that are available on the market.

Integrated concept for all parties in the inland shipping trade

Suneti is an innovatory ICT company with great expertise in the inland shipping trade. Together with Martin de Vries (owner of Suneti since 2011) the company developed solutions for all business partners of tanker traffic, e.g. captains, ship owners, freight companies and safety managers. There are several software programs available for ocean shipping, but these are insufficient for use in inland shipping. The Suneti Solutions is an all-in-one solution for documentation and office work that all parties in the inland shipping trade must meet, giving you one united concept making working very easy.

Everything the captain, broker and the ship owner needs

To optimize operational management, each sector in inland shipping needs information from all other parties in order to bring the work process to perfection. Suneti, with its vision on inland shipping and its expertise in this industry, decided to include all sectors, which resulted in the development of a product with 4 solutions.

Suneti’s goals are to optimize the operational management of inland shipping companies and to strengthen the position of the tanker trade in relation to other means of transportation. We will endeavour to constantly improve our product.

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