Barge masters have to meet the requirements in terms of loading and unloading, paperwork, planning, stability, contracts, certificates, voyage preparation, crew data, etc. The shipping company, the fleet owner and the client expect information that helps their operational management. To achieve this, they need your input. Besides, paperwork is growing due to more legislation and regulations. All you want is to do business with less paperwork and with data that need be entered once only.

For the inland shipping trade, Suneti developed the Vessel Solution, this is called Binnenmaat 2.0, an easily accessible and simple software application giving the captain a complete overview of the vessel. The status of contracts and certificates is immediately shown in red, orange or green (the traffic signal principle). The crew composition, their training and their experience is up-to-date and, if you would allow this, visible to your client.

The Vessel Solution gains you a clear insight into your operational management and simplifies it, which makes your company stronger.

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