Fleet Solution

In general, the data exchange between the ship owner and his vessels is far from ideal. Private captains all manage their businesses and ships differently. Yet at the same time ship owners need specific information about their ships. When it comes to quality, they have a responsibility towards their clients. All of this makes the paperwork grow for both parties. In order to facilitate the data exchange, Suneti developed the Fleet Solution.

With the Suneti Solution, the ship owner and the fleet owner gain an overview of all ships, the crews, the installed equipment and the maintenance status. Through the dashboard, the private captain or the time charter captain allows the fleet owner or the shipping company to access the necessary information. At a single glance the fleet owner learns the equipment status and when the time has come to inspect the ship. Together with the Quality Solution and the Vessel Solution, the Fleet Solution facilitates the contact with your fleet and its maintenance.

Suneti Fleet Solution

  • An overview of your fleet;
  • Easy to plan maintenance efficiently;
  • You can create equipment templates and ship templates;
  • It reduces your paperwork;
  • Giving you dynamic rather than static data;
  • Makes it easy to compare data;
  • Allows constant real-time updates using a minimum amount of data exchange;
  • Management of your components and spare parts;

The Suneti Fleet Solution is an affordable and complete solution to improve your planning and organization. Please contact us for further information or to ask for a presentation and see what the Suneti Fleet Solution can do for you.

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