Quality Solution

Rules in the inland shipping business keep getting stricter and consequently the paperwork of all sectors within this trade keeps growing. Legislation in the shipping industry lays down rules concerning quality and quality certification.

And what about certificates, materials, the crew’s level of education or the loading process? Do the vessel and its crew meet the required EBIS regulations and your own quality requirements? Does the vessel have the latest quality manual and quality procedures? Has the crew acquainted themselves with the newest procedures? There are several software systems on the market to keep track of all this data, but they have proven not to be not dynamic and you cannot exchange data, nor do they offer the possibility for a detailed data analysis.

Suneti developed the Quality Solution, a module for all sectors in the inland shipping business, in which data need be entered only once. EBIS (and in the future TMSA) is integrated in the Quality Solution, so that you always have the most recent version on board of your ship. A cockpit gives you an overview of all certificates and all quality information, while the checklist ensures you and your crew cannot miss anything.

Functionalities Quality Solution

  • Answers standard EBIS questions;
  • Links the ship’s data with the EBIS requirements;
  • Improves the quality and safety on the ship;
  • Gives an excellent data overview thanks to its “traffic light function”
  • Lets you compare data;
  • Lets you constantly exchange data;

The Suneti Quality Solution is an affordable and complete solution to improve your quality control, providing a simple way you meet the requirements. Please contact us for further information or to ask for a presentation and see what the Suneti Qualiy Solution can do for you.

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